About White's Metal Detectors

White’s Metal Detectors of New England is the largest full-service metal detector supply company in New England. Our wholesale business serves more than 100 stocking dealers who sell White’s products in their stores throughout the six state region. Our retail business offers a wide selection of White’s metal detectors and accessories including:

Our large showroom and warehouse are located in the same building, allowing us to offer customers unparalleled service, selection, and convenience. White’s of New England carries a wide range of products: from beginners models for causal treasure hunting to more specific target identification tools to highly precise dual frequency metal detectors.

As metal detection technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, we have consistently helped customers select the right product for them and get maximum use and enjoyment out of it. Hobbyists can now buy a detector that automatically identifies an object’s metallic qualities and depth underground. This is a far cry from the cryptic “beep” that hunters had to interpret back in the day, and it is the type of innovation that makes detecting more rewarding all the time.